"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD."
"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD."

The Name "Primitive Baptist"

      In the period roughly encompassing 1827-1840, a major division took place in the Baptist churches. The focal point of the disagreement was the doctrine of atonement as set forth by Andrew Fuller. His teachings ultimately led to a widespread belief in the doctrine of General Atonement and resulted in a wave of organizations and church auxiliaries which were set up to promote missionary activity in order to get people saved. Regular, Primitive or Old School Baptists held firmly to the doctrine of particular Redemption and objected strenuously to these innovations in practice and the doctrine from which they stemmed; and during this period they separated themselves from the churches which held to these new innovations. Nevertheless, their ministers braved many hardships in order to preach the work of evangelism and the ministry wherever and to whomever the Holy Spirit may lead them.

     Friendship Primitive Baptist Church welcomes all who are interested in serving our Lord and Master. We would also enjoy the opportunity to share with you the doctrines of Salvation by Grace and the wonderful joy that can be had believing in the completed work of Christ.

The Church

The church of Christ is an institution which He set up during His life here on earth. Each local assembly is a complete, functioning church and is the HIGHEST ecclesiastical authority that exists. God has mad the church a safe haven and home for his awakened, regenerated children. We believe that there is NO place where God’s children can be safe and happy as they will be in His church.

Our Worship Services

Worship Services

We believe that it is a privilege the duty of the church to meet together to worship God, and that we should never lose sight of that as the overriding reason for our existence as a religious body. Pursuant to that goal, our worship services are simple, deliberately avoiding any outward show and fleshly entertainment. Our music is a cappela congregational singing for the sole purpose of praising God and setting our minds in a proper frame to hear the preaching of the Gospel.


Our communion service is conducted as a solemn, intimate church ordinance. We believe that only orderly baptized church members are to take part in it. In conjunction with the Lord’s Supper, we practice the washing of the saints feet as commanded by our Lord in John Chapter 13.

Our History

Friendship Primitive Babptist Church was established in 1922. There will be for infomation about the history of our church in the following months. Thank you!

Our Beliefs


We believe that the new birth is a sovereign, gracious work of God the Holy Spirit in which he effectually implants spiritual life, gives us a new nature, softens the sinner’s heart and prepares us for an obedient life of gospel service. We believe that God acts alone in regeneration, not making use of ANY means whatsoever. Any faith or good works we may have and any decisions we may make to serve God are the result of this gracious work of God, not the cause of it.

Holy Living

We believe that our members of the church should conduct themselves in an upright manner so that their public profession of faith in Christ will be adorned by good works. Members should be constantly aware that their conduct reflects upon the body as a whole. We believe strongly in the value of marriage and the Christian family as instituted by God.

Grace and Good Works

We place a heavy emphasis on the doctrines of Grace because we readily acknowledge that any righteousness we have is the result of Christ’s righteousness being imputed to us and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lived. We believe salvation is by grace and by grace alone. No good work, that you have done, will get you to heaven. That being said, good works are the inevitable result of the gracious work of the Spirit in us. Having been redeemed by Jesus Christ, we are to joyfully take up our cross and follow Him in humble obedience to His commands.

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